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Alamo Associates helps consumers get back to a place of financial strength. With our simple one monthly payment, we alleviate the stress of multiple due dates and multiple interest rates. We put your financial health at the top of our list and make a plan that works for you.



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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

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With Alamo Associates, you will pay total interest of


Paramus, NJ
Nothing reminds me of all my bad decisions more than the constant calls I get from creditors. No payment seems to get me ahead of my debt. The interest rates just pile up and up. Without Alamo Associates, I don't know how I could possibly ever get my act together. They allowed me to lower my interest so I could make a dent in all the principles. Thank goodness for Alamo Associates.
Baldwin, NY
My divorce split me in two. Not just emotionally, but, also financially. Now I had two residences I was responsible for, two households to deal with. I was not prepared and was cash poor. I put everything on my credit cards — everything from my car payments to my electric to my rent. I went to my bank for a loan but because I was so behind on everything they denied me. I felt like the notice from Alamo Associates was a gift. I am thankful that they understand real problems and helped me.


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